WOW Classic Phase 4 is already released on the Public Test Realms

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After February 12, all eyes are placed on World of Warcraft Classic Phase 3, featuring the Darkmoon Faire and Blackwing Lair, and Phase 4 will come soon following with it. Currently, WOW Classic Phase 4 is already released on the Public Test Realms, in order to play the content of Phase 4, you must access it first.

First of all, the testers must install the Public Test Realm through the launcher, and open the World of Warcraft tab to get in the version menu, then select PTR: World of Warcraft: Classic to install. The setup is about 500 MB, before installing, please ensure that your computer has enough space.

Thankfully there's no need to reinstall the full game to play on the PTR, and the download for the WoW Classic Test Realm is only 500MB. Once it's installed players should launch the game and choose their preferred server type, either Player vs Environment or Player vs Player. This will have the same impact on gameplay that it does in vanilla WoW Classic. If you want to Buy WOW Classic EU Gold, you can come to for help. is the best online store that has about 10 years of selling game currencies experience.

 Once players choose a server, they must choose to create a new character or copy one of the vanilla games. It is worth noting that the copied character will not affect the character of cloning from it on live servers and nothing that is done on the PTR will be transferred. Creating a character follows the same process that follows vanilla WoW Classic: choosing race, gender, category, appearance and name.

Players who prefer to play with their Retail World of Warcraft character will have to copy the Copy character instead of creating it. Then select the area where the character is currently located and simply select it from the list of names. There are some limitations: characters below level 10 cannot be copied and WoW Classic data may be copied incorrectly. This can be corrected by clicking on "Copy Data" in the launcher.