Free Alternatives to PowerPoint That You Can Use Online

PowerPoint is a software that is used worldwide to make presentations. Here we are going to enlist top alternatives that people can use.


A few years ago, Microsoft PowerPoint was the only software to create a presentation. And the design of PowerPoint was limited and people have to use same slide styles, background and transitions. Nowadays, there are various alternatives of the PowerPoint to make slides.


Zoho Show

The most famous and free alternative to PowerPoint is Zoho show. With its amazing operating system, you can use it for your projects from through internet. You can make a great looking presentation, collaboration, sharing and managing to your documents. The amazing features of Zoho Show are remote control on the web. Zoho show has extra storage and appealing visuals. It can support numerous types of file. Zoho show is similar to PowerPoint and comes with free options. It is very easy to use and misaligned images. Zoho show is ideal for the students, personal use and companies. However, it has limited animation choice.



Slide dog is anther most attractive alternative to PowerPoint. You can get help in deck, presentation, videos, PDFs and making presentation tools. It is also can be used in Android devices, because, it can be remote control from a tablet, PC and Smartphone. It gives you smoothers transitions and it is ideal for presenters who need multimedia format. However, it can’t design side content and create a presentation from scratch. Slide dog is untraditional software that can play all kinds of documents flawlessly.



In order to create standard slideshows and vibrant story-based presentation, you should choose to PowToon, because, it is the best online alternative to PowerPoint. PowToon provides you with a large variety of the characters and cartoons that you can select to make a presentation and good colorful animated video. PowToon has a rich gallery and gives you 100MB storage. It is also cloud-based and incredibly easy to use. By using this, you can make many tutorial videos without any difficulty. It can support to the text editing but adds a watermark to all presentation. An unlike feature of this PowerPoint is that has no auto save option. It cannot save your work offline and no live collaboration. If you are using one format, you cannot use another file format.


Google slides

Making a cloud-based presentation in your personal Google account is very easy through the Google Slides. Google slide is also a free alternative to PowerPoint and it is collaborative to all Google tools. It has the function of chatting during group projects. Along with that, all members of your team can make necessary revisions in your presentation. This software is also completely free and comes with mobile apps. It offers you real-time collaboration and it is compatible with PowerPoint. However, Google slide is not suitable for heavily animated presentation. You need to create an account to use Google Slide software.



Visme is not truly dedicated to presentation; nevertheless, it can make a presentation. It is tremendously easy to make and translate ideas. Visme has its own online editor and you can make hundreds of templates by using it. Visme has functions to change fonts, colors, images and backgrounds.  You can convert your documents into a PDF form. Along with that, it can save your presentation offline. By creating your account, you can download your projects as JPG.



It would be right to say that Animatron is top free alternatives to PowerPoint among all the software. It helps you to make a stunning animated presentation in a few minutes. You can use it online, because, it is completely free. It has a variety of pre-animated objects and backgrounds that you can set in your presentation. You can decorate to your content. Animatron is most useful to communicate with your audience and engaging level. Animation gives you whiteboard animation to write your selected stories. Another most useful feature of the Animation is that offers you real-time collaboration and you can do teamwork by using it. It saves you time and keeps saving all notes automatically.  



DesignBold is another free alternative to PowerPoint that you can use online. It offers a wide variety of collaterals to use in templates, media, letters, info graphic, ads and eBooks. Along with that, there are hundreds of design are available that you can use in your presentation. These designs are all readymade and you will not do an extra effort. DesignBold gives an opportunity to choose high-quality images and search the right visual on the web. DesignBold is available for free. This software is best for them who are interesting to save their time in creating different material.


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