Guess Connected Watches are Coming to Market?

Guess Connected Watches are Coming to Market?


Do you want a watch that is both connected and glamorous? Focus on this range of smartwatches, recently launched by the brand.

The design of Guess Connect watches
Guess Connect watches use the same codes as the brand's Rigor collection , recognizable by its marked style bezel.

Currently, there are 4 mens models (two men and two mixed) differentiable by their case size, material or color of the bracelet.

Zoom on the dial
We are far from the usual smartwatch.

Indeed, they are equipped with an analog dial on which rests a very discreet rectangular digital screen .

The dial is available in four colors: white, brown, black and blue. It features grid patterns for a neat finish, which can also be found in the Guess Rigor collection.

The indexes are in the form of sticks, giving a classic side to the watch.

Zoom on the case

Guess Connect watches are available in two sizes:

45 mm case for men's models
41 mm case for mixed models
The case is in silver or rose gold stainless steel .

Zoom on the bracelet

Currently, we find watches with a blue or white silicone strap , or more classic with a brown leather strap .

Discover an overview of the four models below:

The characteristics of Guess Connect watches
Guess Connect watches are the result of a collaboration between Guess and Martian, a company specializing in connected watches. They offer very interesting features for those who are still glued to their smartphones.

The principle of the Guess Connect watch is its power to control a Smartphone remotely thanks to it.

Indeed, the watch face has an OLED screen (in the form of a rectangular frame) which displays various notifications .

It becomes possible to make a call, send SMS, use voice recognition directly from your watch. And much more…!

The watch will vibrate when you receive a notification. These can also be received by the LED indicator on the dial. Effective if you prefer to remain discreet!

But how are these features possible? Indeed, the connection between your smartphone and your watch is established thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity .

To configure the various functions, an Android and IOS compatible application must be installed on your Smartphone. Within it, you are free to choose which notifications to activate or deactivate.

In addition, the watch incorporates one last essential feature: an alarm that warns when your phone is out of range! Very useful if you ever forget it or lose it!

To sum up, the functions of the connected watch are as follows:

- Telephone control by voice command

- Smartphone camera control

- Reading notifications

- Music control on smartphone.

Technical data
The energy source of Guess Connect watches is well distributed between the traditional watch system and the technology side.

Indeed, the watch has two separate batteries:

a battery for the watchmaking side (similar to batteries for standard watches) with two-year autonomy. The average battery life is two years.
a battery for the connectivity side (for the OLED screen) with autonomy of 3 to 5 days. This battery is recharged via a micro USB port inserted on the watch case.

Thanks to the functionality of these watches, you manage your data very quickly. Nothing is easier than looking at your phone just by looking at your wrist, right? This saves you a lot of time.

In addition, the practicality of use is there! Now you no longer need to take your phone out of your bag to make a phone call!

It's super efficient when your hands are overloaded and getting your phone out quickly becomes very difficult.
With Guess Connect, do it all in one ! Raise your sleeve and communicate!

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