I really like runescape

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This might sound like a flex that is bizarre but I never actually got OSRS gold scammed. Started playing RS when I was 12/13 and that I already had some experience with the actual (and on-line) world so I understood to double check the trades and be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. I guess I had been scammed once but that was couple years into playing runescape, when I realized it than something and it was more of a funny moment to me. I was purchasing yew logs (such as FM I believe ) and some guy sold me 2-4k of some other cheapo logs rather than yew (do not recall the kind, maybe maple?) And obviously I paid like for yews. I believe so I have used to purchasing everything through there and forgot to mouseover the mentioned logs at the trade and only hit accept on the 2nd screen that it was already after the release of GE.

I really like Runescape, but I am contemplating whether or not I should renew membership. This post has become a discussion that is great and I am happy about that, however I have to ask you to keep it civil. There are. I will attempt to keep responding, but I will not be able to respond to everyone. Thank you!

As the name says, I really like runescape, and I really wish to renew my mems, but the entire world has gotten overly colorful and lively. A few of the pets take space up and the armors are too extravagant. I never watched runescape world as dull, and frequently fi D that people running on my display are inclined to be the best looking. Should I renew my membership or show love and hope other runescape players do exactly the same?

I go to work to make money so I do what I enjoy to buy RuneScape gold in my time and can live in comfort. I discovered Runescape and enjoyed it, so I decided to subscribe. Unfortunately, recently I have found out that I really don't like playing runescape anymore because there's very little to do past unlimited grind. You know, than the Goal the matters more for me, therefore that I could not care. Until things improve, I chose to cancel my subscription, and in the meantime I'll spend my time and money on games that are actually enjoyable.